What is Mobdro?

If you are familiar with the Kodi software and its uses – then understanding Mobdro will be easy.

But it’s still fine if you aren’t!

Mobdro app falls in the category of Entertainment. The basic idea of the Mobdro is to let the users watch videos and movies in the offline mode.

Mobdro has been in the industry for a long time but still, people are more familiar with the Kodi and their add-ons. But why is it like that?

Kodi came in first before Mobdro came. It became a hit among users but the streaming of copyrighted content was not going to run for a long way though. Then, came the Mobdro. We can’t say that Mobdro is similar to Kodi as there are many differences between the two.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is a software application that works for Android devices mainly and it is not available for iOS smartphones.

Whereas the Kodi is an open source platform, that lets the user install addon within it for streaming. Kodi is nothing without the add-ons, but that’s not how the Mobdro works.

Also, Kodi offers to stream. Whereas Mobdro offers to stream and download contents.

How does the Mobdro work?

Mobdro is an entertainment-friendly Android application, which allows you to stream videos, movies, TV shows, etc and download it for watching later. When you download a particular content, you are actually saving them on your Android device.

This way you can download videos, movies to your smartphone and watch them – now in the offline mode.

You can also stream Live Sports channel of football, cricket, badminton, hockey, etc and watch them instantly on the Mobdro App.

To add above this, you also get the option to convert a video file to an audio file. Next time when you listen to a video song, get the video URL and then extract the file in the audio format.

All the contents that you see on the Mobdro are net-based, therefore you must be connected to the Internet for using and downloading the content. That’s a basic point, I know.

Features of the Mobdro App

Features of the Mobdro App

I will list out the key features of the Mobdro App that will give you a clear idea about the app.

  • Streaming is what it is. You can stream around any online website, which has a video content in it. The most popular one is YouTube. You can stream YouTube videos.
  • There are categories listed; Movies, Music, TV Shows, Live, Documentaries, etc. Tap on any of them as per your query, and watch the videos accordingly.
  • User-friendly App, with easy to navigate categories. Even if you are not much of a streaming person, you are sure to get addicted to the Mobdro Software.
  • You can bookmark a video or any content – that you wish to re-watch later.
  • We get the Premium version of the Mobdro app which makes it possible to download the content that you watch.
  • Mobdro is free except the Internet usage charges.

That’s what Mobdro offers you, and it’s pretty incredible, isn’t it? What do you think?

Now, many people asked me from where do the contents come on the Mobdro. Let’s find them out.

Sources of the Content

When we say the Mobdro content, it’s not exactly the Mobdro who provides it. Mobdro connects to different websites like Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc and we can stream the content from these websites and download the favorite ones using the Mobdro platform.

So, we can say that Mobdro is like a connector between you and all the websites. There are no hidden charges in making use of the content or watching them.

Another important point to note – Mobdro does not have any control over the content. If you find a content within the app, they may not be available the next day. I don’t know if this is a drawback or not, but that’s how it is.

Mobdro works for Android systems with Android version 4.1 or higher. You can download the Mobdro Online, and run the file on the device by enabling the Apps from Unknown Sources.